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  • Hours of Operation:
    Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 6pm
    Friday - Saturday, 8am - 7pm
  • Reservations: Please call for availability
  • Facility fee $20 per day
  • Access to facilities with $50 in spa/salon services
For salon reservations call 1-888-750-7111 ext 7472 or 228-386-7472

Welcome to a world that revolves around you. Yes, at last!

Everyone wants to look their best – and our talented team of expert stylists, colorists, estheticians and nail technicians makes it happen, in an atmosphere that is comfortable, spacious and welcoming. Whether you want a completely new look, an advanced skin treatment or a simple bang trim, the result will always be, well, just right. And isn’t that what we all yearn for?

Our full service salon offers skin, nail and hair care.


25 Minute Signature Facial
This mini facial is designed to cleanse, exfoliate dead skin cells while delivering powerful antioxidants and nutrients to restore a balanced, glowing skin.
$65 / 25 MIN

50 Minute Signature Facial
This facial gently cleanses and exfoliates the epidermis to reveal fresh new skin. Gentle steam and extraction ensure pores are deep cleansed and ready for the absorption of active ingredients. A relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage provides deep relaxation followed by a customized face mask for your skin type delivering natural ingredients for all skin types to hydrate, cleanse or repair. Powerful antioxidants and vital nutrients protect the cells from future damage.
$95 / 50 MIN

Transformation Facial
This results driven treatment resurfaces and removes dead skin layers, while targeting the repair of individual conditions that are related to acne, aging, hyper-pigmentation and sensitive skin. Our powerful antioxidant Vitamin C Serum is applied to fight free radical damage and protect the cells while our Vitamin A stimulates new cell growth to provide a move vibrant, smoother complexion. Skin tone is instantly brighter, pores are reduced while fine lines and wrinkles are softer and smoother after one treatment.
$140 / 50 MIN
$170 / 80 MIN

Hydration Restoration Facial
This facial is designed for all skin types especially sensitive, rosacea, dry, irritated skins with uneven skin tones. Our treatment protects the skin barrier by providing a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to repair and renew damaged cells. Our unique Fit and Firm Peel Off Mask with rosemary extracts gently exfoliates, oxygenates the skin cells while allowing maximum absorption to the cells to soften, smooth and hydrate the most delicate of skins.
$150 / 50 MIN

Age Defying Facial
The dynamic Rolls Royce of treatments resurfaces dead, damaged skin cells to open pathways for the penetration of powerful anti aging ingredients SGF-4 Technology. These natural skin growth factor proteins restore depleted, damaged cells to a more vibrant youthful condition. After one treatment collagen is stimulated, fine line and wrinkles are plumped with a visibly smoother appearance on major problem areas. Skin tissue becomes lifted and tighter with a radiant glow.
$190 / 80 MIN


Infinity Sunless Tanning

Microderm Light Therapy Facial
Incorporates microdermabrasion and light therapy to repair skin imperfections such as sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.
$200 / 80 MIN

Acne Light Therapy Facial
Designed to deeply cleanse the skin and diminish acne with light therapy that will calm and soothe the skin.
$175 / 80 MIN

Youthful Recovery Microdermabrasion
An effective way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation. This process non-aggressively removes dead skins cells.
$95 / 25 MIN

Dramatic Eye Lift
Our unique eye treatment will stimulate the most tired eyes! A rosemary infused mask gently exfoliates, hydrates, reduces inflammation and tightens the delicate skin tissue while our Vitamin K and Arnica reduces dark circles and puffiness. Collagen stimulating skin growth proteins tighten and lift the eyelids and instantly plump lines and wrinkles.
$45/with facial

Collagen Lip Plumper
Exfoliates, smoothes and plumps the lips targeting the most wrinkle prone areas around the mouth. Treatment is complete with our Vitamin C and E Lip Rescuefor protection.
$45/with facial

Neck and Décolleté Repair Treatment
Reverse signs of aging on an over exposed neck and décolleté with our three step treatment, exfoliation using natural glycolic, repair and renew damaged cells with our natural skin growth proteins and infuse with our Fit and Firm Peel Off Mask to instantly relieve redness and uneven skin tone. Dramatic results!!
$45/with facial

Beautiful Eye Lash and Brow Tint
An all-natural plant-based dye is used to safely tint the lash and/or brow area.

Waxing Services

  • Lip, chin, eyebrow, or sideburns
  • Full face
  • Underarm
  • Arm
  • Bikini
  • Lower leg
  • Full leg
  • Back

Transformation Manicure
The Ultimate Manicure… Hands show  the first signs of aging - this luxury treatment resurfaces dead, dry  skin cells, conditions cuticles, softens dry, cracked hands using a natural active glycolic solution. Your hands will experience a nourishing exfoliation with either our detoxifying Coffee Almond or hydrating Bamboo Ginseng Scrub. Treatment also includes warm paraffin alternative application along with a full manicure and a hand and arm massage to relax and relieve tired hands.

Transformation Pedicure
The Ultimate Pedicure… This luxurious pedicure transforms feet by resurfacing dead skin cells and eliminating dry, rough skin with using a natural active glycolic solution. Choose from either our detoxifying Coffee Almond Scrub or hydrating Bamboo Ginseng Scrub for nourishing exfoliation. Treatment also includes a warm paraffin alternative application, as well as Deep Detox Mask with Rose, Jasmine and Ylnag Ylang. Includes a full Pedicure as well as a lower leg massage to relax and relieve tired feet.

Deluxe Manicure
Nails are clipped, filed, and cuticles treated. Hands are massaged and nails are polished or buffed.

Deluxe Pedicure
Cuticles are pushed back, nails clipped, filed and polished or buffed. Feet are pampered with a foot and leg massage to reduce stress.

Shellac Manicure
Keep your manicure twice as long…this unique manicure using specially formulated polish and UV light technology allows your polish to last double or triple the time. This service includes a complete manicure along with a shellac application.

Shellac Application
In this service nails are filed, buffed, and shellac polish applied.

Shellac Removal
Nails are soaked and shellac polished removed prior to another manicure or shellac service.

Refresher Pedicure
An ideal treatment for individuals who receive regular pedicures. Feet are soaked in a warm sea salt bath. Nails are clipped, filed, and cuticles are pushed back. Feet are then moisturized and nail polish is applied.

Polish Change
Fresh polish is applied. No filing, clipping, or exfoliation is done.

Paraffin Alternative Treatment  for Hands or Feet 
Stress Relieving and Moisturizing, this product is a Biodegradable Eco Friendly paraffin alternative made of 100% Natural Emollients and Pure Essential Oils. This treatment is a must with any nail service.


Les Soins Hair Facial
Be exceptional with this signature hair treatment that is truly “haute couture for the hair.” The most precious ingredients have been gathered for this luxurious mask that will repair and restore even the most severely damaged hair.

Southern Belle Hair Facial
A luxurious Shea butter treatment for complete nourishment and restoration of the hair shaft, resulting in lasting brilliance and shine.

Intensive Conditioning Treatment
A perfect addition to any hair service. Let us make your hair shine!

Deep Cleansing Scalp Treatment
A favorite scalp massage for men, and also a clarifying treatment for ladies before one of our hair treatments or services.


Blow Out **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
Hair is cleansed, conditioned, blown dry and styled.(no updos or curling services included)

Haircut Only **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
An add-on to another hair service or as a dry hair cut. Does not include a blow dry & style.

Haircut and Style
Hair is cleansed, conditioned, cut, blow-dried and styled.

Men’s Haircut
Hair is cleansed, conditioned, cut and styled.

Updo **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
Hair is not washed or blow-dried. Hair is curled or put up based upon guests request.

Bridal Updo **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
Hair is not washed or blow-dried. Hair is curled or put up based upon guests request.

Perm with Blow Dry **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
Hair is permed, blow-dried, and styled.

Relaxer with Blow Dry **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
Hair is relaxed and styled.

One Step Color with Blow Dry **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
All over color is applied, hair is cleansed, conditioned, and blown dry.

Corrective Color **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
Color is corrected depending on guests’ request. Hair is cleansed, conditioned, and blown dry.

Partial Highlight with Blow Dry **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
Partial highlights are applied along with hair cleansed, conditioned, and blown dry.

Full Highlight With Blow Dry **Long Thick Extra Time/Price**
All over highlights are applied along with hair cleansed, conditioned, and blown dry.

Gentleman’s Mustache/Beard Color
Men’s facial hair is colored

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